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Safety Cloud with B&G Zeus 3S9 plotter

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Includes Safety Cloud with hardware (Boat Monitor), the app (software) and a worldwide two-year mobile phone contract, as well as the powerful B&G Zeus 3S9 multifunction display.


This package is available for only € 2369,00 (incl. 19 % VAT). Your saving compared to the separate purchase of Safety Cloud and the B&G display: € 2,184.


Retrofit Safety Cloud now and get a free state-of-the-art multifunction display from B&G


Since 2019, our innovative Safety Cloud has been installed on over 500 yachts from Hanse, Dehler, Moody, Fjord and Sealine. From now until the 30th of April 2021, we are offering two attractive retrofit packages for yachts without Safety Cloud hardware, where you get the multifunction display (MFD) for free.


Safety Cloud comprises hardware that is connected to your on-board instruments and communicates worldwide via mobile phone networks, as well as cloud-based software that is easily controlled via an app. The hardware consists of a Boat Monitor unit, which is linked up to your existing instruments, and records all important data on board. If the yacht is at sea, the data is stored for processing as soon as a mobile phone signal is detected. This information can be viewed via the app. The Safety Cloud offers yacht owners a total of nine functions that significantly simplify servicing, and increase safety and fun on board. Full details of Safety Cloud can be found at


Yacht owners can choose between two generous retrofit packages:


All prices include German VAT at 16%. Offer valid until 30.04.2021 for all yachts from Hanse, Dehler, Moody, Fjord and Sealine. The installation of the two retrofit packages is carried out by your trusted dealer at your own cost.


Safety Cloud retrofit kit allows you to upgrade your boat into a modern “connected boat”. Gain full insight into the boat’s electrical and propulsion systems from anywhere via your mobile phone. Increase safety with optional intrusion, smoke, gas and fire monitoring capabilities. Safety Cloud owner’s app connects you directly with your dealer for simpler issue reporting and customer service. Safety cloud will help you log your trips, maintenance tasks, give access to manuals for installed equipment and even allow you to purchase insurance and spare parts directly from your mobile app.


Prior to purchasing, you can “test-drive” the owner’s app by registering here:


Registration will allow you to use the owner’s app and explore all features, which do not require a retrofit kit (Manuals, Maintenance log, Insurance, Shop & Parts).


For Safety Cloud upgrade, the following information is required:


  • Model and Slot numbers or CE Number (hull identification number)
  • Engine information (Volvo, Yanmar, Mercury, Nanni, Suzuki, Yamaha)


Safety Cloud kit contains all necessary hardware (communication unit, cables, engine gateways and sensor hubs) and a 2-year subscription plan. Your dealer is trained to support you with the installation, executed by a skilled professional (not included in the price).

Additional parts available:

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PIR motion sensor TEL0248
Dual technology motion detector with PIR and microwave detection technology, with pet immunity TEL0247
Flame Detector TEL0249
Heat detector TEL0250
Smoke detector  TEL0251
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